Meet our founder – Viviane Belair

Meet our founder – Viviane Belair

Meet our founder – Viviane Belair

Q: Why are you doing this job?

A: I have been passionate about algae since my bachelor’s degree in marine biology. I had the idea of commercializing seaweed products, but I did not have the business knowledge, nor the equipment and the concrete products to make it happen. I put this project aside to do a master’s degree and eventually a Ph. D in the food industry. I have created a product that is easier to market than seaweed products and the dog treats allows me to combine all my acquired expertise to offer a unique product.

Q: How does your business stand out?

A: It’s six kinds of dog treats to create moments with your dog. They are 100% natural treats with only three ingredients, including fruit which tops the list. I surrounded myself with local producers and I evolve very quickly.

Q: What is one of your challenges?

A: I am a hardworking person and I always had to work harder because I had difficulties in school. I almost doubled my first year and ended up with a Ph. D from McGill University! Also, I was the victim of a serious crazy carpet accident which left me in a deep coma and the neurologists told me that I had won the lottery in probability of surviving without complications. After that, I was able to go back to university to complete my studies. My challenge is to make room for a balanced routine to include exercise and seven hours of sleep.

Q: How do you handle the pressure at work?

A: The biggest source of pressure that I have identified at work is uncertainty. To manage this well, I am moving at my own pace to be able to deal with this uncertainty of a first operating year in a global pandemic. I am surrounded by trusted and experienced people who help me control this uncertainty.

Q: Do you have any advice for success in business?

A: What has helped me is keeping my business start-up costs to a minimum. For six years, I accumulated used or donated equipment. Also, I went looking for all the resources to allow me to adapt my product to the market in terms of price and quality.

Q: What is an important value for you?

A: It is perseverance. I try to appreciate each small success while dreaming of going a little further. If I participate in this Special Women’s edition, it is to celebrate where I am and encourage me to go further. If it can inspire a person, you never know the positive effect it can have.