natural & hypoallergenic dog treats

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have you ever wish to change a behavior of your dog?

Treats are like money for dogs that you can use as a behavior reinforcer.

The idea is to use treats to reward your dog's desired behaviors. Over time, this will establish an improved mutual understanding and develop a stronger emotional bond with your 4-legged friend!

a minimally-processed hypoallergenic treat for your dog!

We go a step further by using innovative solutions to process our treats without any exposure to high temperatures.

Our low temperature pressing and dehydration process preserves antioxidants, colors and flavors of our natural ingredients to keep their nutritional value.

This way you can be sure your dog is getting all the health benefits of the whole ingredients present in every treat!

plus all this other goodness in every treat

a healthier dog and a happier you!

Our treats not only act as a behavior reinforcer but also adds antioxidants to your dog's diet while making the process fun!

Use our treats either as a healthy tool for canine education, a supplement to your dog's diet or to simply have fun and instantly connect with your dog!

The results you will experience will benefit you and your dog for a more harmonious life together!

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bonus: you will smell the difference!

When you open the bag, you can smell the different aromas of each product that is sure to make your little one drool!

That's all you will need to be convinced of the quality of the product!