positive reinforcement

create a special connection between you and your dog!

Step closer to unlocking the connection you always wanted with your dog in a fun, positive way with lasting results. Through positive reinforcement techniques, treats are one of the key to motivate your dog to respond better to your cues! 

general principles of positive reinforcement

it’s never too late for a dog to learn something new!

Dog’s have their own personalities and learning styles. A reward-based technique, in combination with good cues will create positive behaviors in dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. 

lasting results for an improved mutual understanding!

image of Alexandra Côté, dog trainer with her three dogs

meet Alexandra Côté!

Alexandra Côté learned to read dog’s language since 2011! With patience, dedication, fun, and repetition, she and her dogs got to America’s Got Talent and Canada’s Got Talent! She use positive methods to train all new behaviors. She is passionate about helping dog parents reach their goals and have a great time doing it.

demystifying canine language with Alexandra Côté!

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See Alexandra in action at America's Got Talent!