sustainable gastronomy

our sustainable gastronomy vision in a nutshell

We strive to provide a sustainable gastronomic experience to your dog. We use only the highest quality ingredients to give your dog a taste of an all-natural Canadian goodness treat. We capture the special flavors of our ingredients with processing methods that renders the full array of Canada’s unique boreal ingredients. Plus we minimize our environmental impact by using sustainable practices.




We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of food production and consumption. All of our treats are produced with sustainable and mindful practices, meaning you can give your furry friend a treat that’s good for them and mindful of the environment at the same time. 

apple orchard

local farms

Here at My Home Treats, we take great pride in providing treats that are crafted using only the freshest ingredients found in our local markets. This effort allowed us to be certified Aliments du Québec. This means that more than 80% of our ingredients are sourced locally and manufactured in our own facility in Quebec, Canada. Wholesome local fresh ingredients equals awesome treats for your pup! 

zero waste sustainable gastronomy myhometreats

zero-waste approach

Every treat is an opportunity to enjoy fresh flavors while promoting a healthy relationship with nature. We operate in the most sustainable ways we can, with a zero waste approach. We give our edible wastes to local farmers and also compost the rest of our process wastes. Also, we recycle everything that can be recycled after entering our facility.

energy efficiency sustainable gastronomy myhometreats

renewable energy & energy efficiency

We believe in using sustainable gastronomy practices to make flavorful and earth-friendly treats for your pup. We are happy to announce our participation to Virage Vert to work with passionate experts at Addere to improve our sustainability, to optimize our energetic consumption and environmental responsibility.

upcycling sustainable gastronomy myhometreats

upcycled products

We believe that every food should never be wasted, so we give it a second life! We offer a great solution to farmers to upcycle their imperfect harvests. By transforming it into new products, our partners are able to capitalize on the full potential of their resources while simultaneously doing good for the planet. By upcycling, it’s never been easier to make a positive difference! 

ethical practices sustainable gastronomy myhometreats

ethical practices

We are dedicated to use foreign ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. One example is our omega-3 oil that is derived from marine microalgae rather than the cheaper fish oil alternative. This way, our omega-3 oil is of the highest quality by being free from the toxins found in fish-based sources and is the only way to source omega-3 oil sustainably. 

give back sustainable gastronomy myhometreats

give back

We give back to the community any time we can by giving either our treats, money or our time. So far, we have helped Anakim assistance, Rotary club, Animo pour la vie foundation, Mira foundation, Leucan foundation and SCFN. It’s always a pleasure for us to learn and help others in their mission.


Find out why so many dogs love our treats! You’ll see the difference when you open a bag.
With our creative approach to gastronomy, our treats come in a variety of flavors so every dog is sure to find something they will love.

local ingredients sustainable gastronomy myhometreats

fresh local ingredients

We believe that quality treats start with quality ingredients. Regionally-sourced ingredients provide the best flavors. We use ingredients to bring a traditional and boreal taste to our treats such as apples, blueberries and cranberries. Our fruits, harvested at the peak of their ripeness, burst with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

formulations sustainable gastronomy myhometreats


Our passion for ingredients is put to use to craft treats that are a delightful marriage of flavors and textures creating a yummy sensation your pup will love. Our goal is to create mouthwatering treats that combine tasty flavors, bright colors, unique aromas and crunchy textures. Plus, our unique blend of flours provide not only a satisfying crunch, but also helps digestion and keeps your dog’s teeth clean.

innovative process sustainable gastronomy myhometreats

cold casting and low temperature dehydration

Our treats are never cooked. Our delicious treats are casted at room temperature and dehydrated at low temperature to ensure they maintain the vibrant colors of the fruits. At the same time, a cold process yields treats with all the natural flavors, essential nutrients, active molecules, vitamins, and minerals present in the whole ingredients. 

image for featured collection on the thematic treats page of myhometreats website

fun presentation

With our unique artworks, we want to celebrate your dog because he is much more than a pet. He’s a family member who deserves all your love and attention! Get ready to watch their tail start wagging with joy when you give them these delicious treat designed just for them!