our story

our modus operandi

It is said that the love dogs have for their human(s) is unconditional! We wanted to reverse this saying and express our unconditional love for dogs by creating products that put their best interests first and foremost. We achieve this by choosing ingredients and processing methods that will maximize the positive impact our products will have on your pooch’s well-being!

In addition, we want our products to be an instantaneous connection-generating tool to help you live with your dog, but also to make you happy to see your dog’s reaction to receiving one of our treats!

Healthy-licious products for dogs and fun products for humans to maximize shared happiness!

our story

My Home Treats is the story of a multitude of interests and skills combined resulting in a range of completely unique products.

The result of the combination of Viviane and Alex’s interests and skills results in a product that, at every level, is formulated and manufactured for the love of dogs and their well-being! All this for the benefit of My Home Treats’ customers who can be proud to offer their dog a fun, healthy and unique treat!

image of the founder of my home treats, Viviane Belair


It all started when Viviane decided to take the spent barley grains from Alex’s home brewery to make cookies for her dogs Walter and Maya. In formulating the products, Viviane turned to her cutting-edge expertise in natural health ingredients acquired during her Ph.D studies in bio-resources engineering at McGill University.

Thus, to establish the recipes for her cookies, Viviane was able to choose different fruits, herbs and oils containing certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that were not found in the everyday food of her dogs. At the same time, Viviane used low-temperature dehydration to ensure that the ingredients were preserved within the final product.

Seeing potential that her creations could benefit more dogs, Viviane then embarked on the tedious process of bringing her home treats to industrial production! Today, Viviane continues to be the driving force behind the company and works hard to bring My Home Treats to the highest level!

image of the co-founder of my home treats, Alexandre Dalzill


For his part, Alex is a chemical engineer who did his engineering degree at University of Sherbrooke. Once on the job market, he started home brewing as a hobby on weekends, without suspecting that this new hobby would lead to a career path change at some point. In his professional career, he was able to work in several industries until the day he decided to come help Viviane, who was overwhelmed by the production work.

With his knowledge of industrial processes, he was able to guide the company in choosing the equipment needed to meet established production criteria and define production methods and procedures. Today, Alex coordinates the factory operations.