thematic dog treats

are you looking for a healthy treat to spoil your dog?

Do you want a treat that makes you feel an instant connection with your dog? We made it our mission to make fun treats that make you and your dog happy! 

Your dog will surely have a favorite among the array of mouthwatering fun treats we made for him/her! Do you want to know which one will make his/her tail wag the most?

a minimally-processed treat for your companion!

We have gone the extra mile by using innovative solutions to process our treats without any exposition to high temperatures.

Our low-temperature casting and dehydration process preserve all the natural ingredients’ colors, active molecules and flavors so that it does not impact the nutritional value of our ingredients.

That way, you can trust that your pup is getting all of the yummy goodness in every bite!

plus all this other goodness also packed in every bite!

a fun and instant connection enabler!

Get your dog excited about treat time! There’s a flavor for every dog to make their tail wag uncontrollably! All of our recipes are made with whole, human-grade, all natural ingredients. They and contain no artificial flavors or additives – so you know you’re giving the best treat possible!

Plus, all our products are conveniently packaged in resealable pouches, making it easy to keep them fresh and tasty!